Mamie Adkins Charity Golf Tournament

Mamie Adkins Education Fund

This Education Fund benefits members of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Rockfish, NC. Members of the church that are seeking Education Assitance can obtain applications from the church office. The Scholarships are administered wholly by church officials.

This page was established simply for the convenience of visitors & individuals that are interested in making a monetary contribution to the Mamie Adkins Education Fund. Donations may be made here or mailed to;

Tabernacle Baptist Church

3219 Lindsay Road

Raeford, NC 28376

To Phone the church directly, please call – 910.875.4134.

Please, be sure to *Note that you are making the Donation on behalf of the Mamie Adkins Education Fund.

Fred Adkins Memorial

On June 16th 2012 we lost one the Founding Players of the Mamie Adkins Charity Golf Tournament and my Father. I Thank Jesus in Heaven that I was afforded a few minutes with him – these minutes are forever etched into my mind just as those are of my mother and my brother, God blessed me with that opportunity. I believe that my Father heard all that was going on, I have to. He went just the way that he wanted to.

In lieu of flowers the family asked that donations be made to the Mamie Adkins Educational Fund, in the name of Fred R. Adkins. Sent to;

Tabernacle Baptist Church 3219 Lindsay Road Raeford, NC 28376

To Phone the church directly, please call – 910.875.4134

Fred R. Adkins

My Father celebrated his birthday and retirement from the company that he founded, CTS Cleaning Systems, Inc on the same day – May 19th 2012. His family and friends surrounded him, it was a wonderful day – a blast was had by all, just as he wanted it.

Fred Adkins was the type of person that worked every single day of his adult life – he paid his bills, he was constantly thinking, he loved his family and he so enjoyed his friends.

About 25 maybe 26 years or so ago, my father faced Cancer, he chose to have it removed – the administering physician prescribed sewing his right arm to his chest to achieve a clean skin graft. It was a botched job. He lived with a 2” long by 1” high albatross on his right thumb – that plagued him the rest of his life. A short few months later,.. his first born son was diagnosed with an aneurysm at the base of his brain. My brother opted for surgery, he survived the operation but complications took him from us at age 27.

My father had an aortic aneurysm in his lower abdomen – he knew it was there, he was monitoring the size,.. I found out about it about 4 years ago. Fred did not want to have it operated on. He didn’t want to lose his freedom of movement, flexibility, strength etc. He said to me “…son, if I have this operated on and I survive it, I will lose what muscle that I have left, I’ve never gained the strength back in my right arm that I once had,..” I had no argument,.. it was his body, his life.

But, let me tell you a little about how my Father worked,.. He began living with a holistic approach,… Dad’s calorie level was high, he changed his diet, which was good anyway – a lot of vegetables – he made many a meals of just vegetables,.. a testament I guess as to the life that he gave me,…. I’ve always been fortunate enough to have some kind of meat on my plate – (so, Dad started eating oatmeal for breakfast) he began exercising (he walked most everyday). He lowered his cholesterol on his own – he succeeded by himselfno medicine – he won!!

Dad didn’t want to be operated on, he chose instead to ‘make hay while the sun shined’ – he wanted to fully enjoy the experiences of life. And he did, he enjoyed working in the sun, breaking a sweat. He enjoyed his time with his “..Southern, Middle & Northern Nephews..”, visiting his Sisters & Uncle James – he so enjoyed his trips to “..the hill..” it is afterall, a very special place. Dad enjoyed the home that he and Mom built and he truly cherished the relationships developed there, he watched the hummingbird, the hawk and the goldfish & he reveled in his family.

He did not want to be in the hospital, ICU or a Nursing Home – he didn’t want to burden anyone, he simply wanted to fully live life until he was called home to his reward – and that is exactly what he did, on a beautiful North Carolina Day. I Love You Dad

Pastor Tommy Underwood

Reports the Total Donated thus far in the name of

Fred R. Adkins


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